The Benefits of Security Optimized Hard Drives

Supercircuits offers a line of professional grade hard drives that are specifically designed for the continuous recording needs of security applications, delivering the ultimate in performance and reliability.

Our video surveillance hard drives are engineered for rigorous 24x7 video surveillance systems offering greater capacity, higher reliability, vibration tolerance and acoustics with improved performance at low power consumption levels for optimized surveillance operations.

Video surveillance applications place enormous demands on storage solutions. Our hard drives ensure that the dual demands of reliability and smooth video streaming are met, all while working in a relentless 24x7 operating environment.

Improved Reliability

Security optimized hard drives offer the following reliability improvements:

  • Intelligent workload monitoring senses specific workload profiles and takes corrective action, if necessary.
  • With an MTBF of over one million hours and an annual failure rate of less than 1 percent, our drives can withstand the intense duty cycles common in security DVR applications.
  • Capable of operating under drive case temperatures of up to 70ºC.
  • Low power consumption and reduced heat generation.
  • EMI compliance with minimal emitted vibration for improved system integration.

Maximum Performance

Our video surveillance drives are designed primarily for streaming video. They offer a range of features to enhance performance:

  • SATA's increased video data rates (3 Gb/s) enable higher-performance video recording.
  • Optimized for recording of multiple, simultaneous standard or high resolution video streams.
  • ATA-7 streaming commands allow data reads/writes to be tailored for increased video streaming performance.
  • Hard drives operate at 7200-RPM for maximum performance in multi-drive SDVRs.
  • Higher areal density for cost-effective DVR applications.
  • Enhanced caching capabilities enable superior video recording quality.

And as a value added service, Supercircuits will format your hard drive, and test all critical functions of the DVR after your hard drive has been installed, FREE of charge.