How Selecting a Real-Time Video Surveillance System for Schools Introduced a New Player to the Game

IP Cameras Chosen for Competitive Pricing and Enterprise-level Features

Alvin Independent School District is located in the city of Alvin, 20 miles inland from Galveston, just off the Gulf of Mexico in South Central Texas. Alvin is most commonly known as the town where the hall-of-fame pitcher Nolan Ryan grew up. The ISD includes 2 high schools, 5 junior high schools, and 13 elementary schools, spanning an area of 150 square miles.

Analysis and Evaluation

Alvin ISD conducted an in-depth process to identify the ideal IP security solution that would allow all schools to be managed from a central location. Other requirements included Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, featuring 1.0 megapixel or greater for interior and 2.0 megapixel or greater for exterior cameras.

Like many educational projects, the Alvin ISD project was bond funded, so price was another critical factor in the decision making process.

After a competitive evaluation process, Alvin ISD selected the Video Insight enterprise video management system due to the company's proven track record with schools and government entities, enterprise-capable feature set, and scalability.

Widening the Scope

Originally, cameras considered for the project were limited to Axis, Panasonic, Samsung, and Bosch. However, Charles Colwell, project manager, had worked with Supercircuits previously, and invited the company to participate in the evaluation process.

After extensive testing, IP and Megapixel cameras from Supercircuits were found to offer equal or better performance at extremely competitive prices, and Supercircuits was rewarded the business. In fact, the team felt so strongly about the Supercircuits products, that Video Insight was asked to integrate its VMS software with the cameras to keep the business.


"Supercircuits exceeded my expectations on every aspect of this project."

~ Charles Colwell

In the first phase, Alvin ISD deployed over 200 x 2.0 MP CS-mounts (including megapixel lenses, enclosures, and mounting brackets) and 34 x Indoor IP domes – providing 24/7 video surveillance coverage of areas of interest, including access points, common areas, driveways and parking lots.

These Supercircuits cameras now deliver clear high-definition video images back to a central point of command, meeting every expectation for the project and providing real-time visibility to all critical school district activities to the Alvin ISD security team.

Throughout the project, the customer has leveraged the unparalleled support of the dedicated IP implementation team, including field consulting, on-site surveys, and inside sales and technical support. "Supercircuits exceeded my expectations on every aspect of this project," said Mr. Colwell. "I will not hesitate to recommend the company to my peers for future opportunities."

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