Today's mobile recorders come equipped with the same features and benefits of traditional security recorders, but are built to withstand the rigors of on and off-road applications. Here are 10 unique features they offer:

1. Small Form Factor

Given their small size, mobile DVRs can be placed underneath seats, in glove boxes, center consoles, trunks and in lockboxes for both convenience and greater evidence security.

2. Rugged Design

Mobile DVRs feature durable metal housings and solid state memory - resistant to shock and constant vibrations.

3. GPS & Speed

Most mobile DVRs feature a built-in GPS receiver, providing the exact location, date/time, altitude, speed and direction of travel.

4. Cellular Transmission

Some mobile DVRs allow realtime monitoring of video and audio via cellular transmission, allowing for remote monitoring, two-way audio communication, relay outs, text message and email alerts.

5. Sensor Inputs

Sensors & relays connected to doors, headlights, brake lights, stop signals (school buses), and turn signals can overlay each activity on mobile DVR recordings.

6. Pre Event Recording

When triggered, most mobile DVRs will capture a video evidence of activities leading up to and after that event.

7. Robust Power Management

A quality mobile DVR is capable of handling wild voltage swings common to all vehicles.

8. Auto On/Off

After a vehicle ignition is turned off, mobile DVRs can be programmed to turn off immediately or continue recording up to ten minutes or more.

9. Automatic Upload

Advanced mobile DVRs offer the ability to automatically upload recorded footage through cellular transmission or Wi-Fi.

10. Central Management

Built in software allows for central management of hundreds of mobile recorders and cameras with ease — simultaneously.