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Alibi 3-Year Blanket Warranty

No asterisks, no exceptions… Our 3-Year Blanket Warranty covers your entire Alibi product purchase!

Is This Unique?

If you have you ever bothered to read a warranty’s fine print, you’d know the answer… YES!

Many suppliers of security equipment promote extended multi-year warranties, but these typically exclude or limit coverage on the parts that are most likely to fail, including DVR fans, hard drives, IR illuminators, PTZ motors, and more.

What’s Covered by the Warranty?

Literally, EVERYTHING under your Alibi product purchase is covered, including…

  • DVRS: physical recorders, components, fans, and pre-installed hard drives
  • Cameras: imagers, components, built-in IR illuminators, housings, brackets and accessories
  • PTZ Cameras: imagers, components, pan/tilt motors, and housings
  • Monitors
  • All Technologies: analog, HD-TVI, and IP

You get the point… EVERYTHING.

Well… Almost Everything

While all physical parts are covered, extraordinary events are not. Unfortunately, we cannot warranty products for improper installation, misuse, physical abuse, and submersion in water, lightning strikes – or other acts of God. If you’re concerned about these events, we recommend a good ol’ fashioned insurance policy.

What if Something Fails?

Don’t wait for weeks – or sometimes months – attempting to coordinate a return with the manufacturer.

Having trouble with your product? Call us. We provide unlimited technical support to help troubleshoot for a solution.

Need to return or exchange your product? Call us. We manage all returns and exchanges directly – minimizing unnecessary down-time.

Unlike many solution providers, we’re here for you – for the entire life of your Alibi product.

You can rest assured – you’re ALWAYS covered!

The Lesson: ALWAYS Read the Fine Print

Think you’re covered by ALL warranties? Think again!

There’s a reason that a warranty’s fine print is so small… because many manufacturers and suppliers of security equipment don’t want you to read it.

If you read their fine print, you may realize that with some warranties all hardware and components may not be covered for the entire length of the warranty (or at all).

ONE Call, for ALL of Your Needs

Whether you need technical support, installation or networking assistance, or need to arrange an exchange or return, we’re a SINGLE CALL away.

Our US-based security experts are here to provide friendly, knowledgeable support… anytime you need it.