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Our Product Configuration Services Apply To:

Overcomes ObstaclesAnalog
Creates a Self-Healing NetworkPTZ
Engineered for Simplistic OperationIP Devices

Cameras & Encoders

Digitally Encrypted TransmissionsDIGIOP Systems

Hybrid, NVRs & DVRs

Transmits Audio, Video, Ethernet, PTZ controlsEmbedded
Transmits Audio, Video, Ethernet, PTZ controlsHD Cameras
and DVRs
Transmits Audio, Video, Ethernet, PTZ controlsWireless Devices

Indoor & Outdoor

Transmits Audio, Video, Ethernet, PTZ controlsCustomer-Produced Hardware

Our Product Configuration Services consist of four different services, specifically designed to simplify the process of installing, deploying and managing your security solution. Your solution comes pre-programmed, pre-configured, labeled and fully-integrated—saving you time. You can enjoy true peace-of-mind, because your security solution is ready to go from the moment you open the box.

You can choose as many of our Product Configuration Services as you would like; however, since all four services are included in one low price—it’s advantageous to choose all of them.

  1. Extended Burn-In
  2. Custom Labeling
  3. Pre-Programming & Configuration
  4. Custom Solution Integration
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Extended Burn-In

Through Extended Burn-In, we program the factory manufactured products to customer specifications and perform extensive product testing before we ship them to you. This ensures that factory manufactured products are fully operational and runs to specifications before they arrive.

Through Extended Burn-In Factory Manufactured Products Are:

  • Programmed to customer specifications
  • Powered up
  • Tested in action
  • Run in-house for an extended period of time


  • Product is extensively tested in-use for durability and functionality for peace of mind out of the box.
  • No wait time or holding extra inventory required for dealers.

Custom Labeling

Through our custom labeling service, we can custom label any device, external box, software or IP address to your desired specifications for easy setup and staging.

  • Physical Equipment Labeling – A standard or customized label is applied to all physical system components. For example, cameras can be labeled with IP addresses.
  • Electronic Equipment Tagging – An electronic label tag is created to provide easy component identification.
  • Shipping Labeling – Shipping labels are applied to the solution boxes to reduce the need to open boxes to identify prior to installation and deployment.
  • Security Labeling – Components are labeled for easy identification and recovery.


  • Every component is custom labeled (Devices, software, IP addresses, location etc.) to your specifications which makes installation and deployment easier and saves you time and resources
  • Solution is customized to your individual needs which expedites set up and deployment
  • You can easily identify, track, secure and manage assets

Pre-Programming and Configuration

For deployments that require staging beforehand, we can pre-program and configure the systems and cameras to your exact specifications, install desired software, set IP addresses in network cameras and set up the systems for your hosting service. All hardware is pre-configured and ready-to-go when it arrives on site—saving you and your IT staff installation and deployment time.


  • All standard and custom products are pre-programmed and configured to your specifications for easy setup faster installation.
  • Configuration and pre-programming are handled personally by us to ensure quality
  • You receive a fully-optimized, integrated solution.
  • Having systems and devices arrive pre-programmed and pre-configured saves time spent on installation and deployment and reduces the need to have an IT staff configure each component, so you can allocate your resources where they are needed most.

Custom Solution Integration

With our Custom Solution Integration Service, you can bring in your own systems and we'll customize it to your needs with a software solution, as well as provide testing and validation.


  • Provides a custom-software solution for existing hardware and devices which saves you resources, time and hassle of having to integrate software solution for your devices

What a Project Looks Like For a Customer with Our Product Configuration Services

IP Cameras and DIGIOP® solution are labeled, pre-programmed, configured and set up for your hosted services.


With labeled components you know which product goes where on site and what it connects to right out of the box, which provides easy set up and saves installation time.


With a pre-programmed solution you do not have to take time out or hire an IT team to program the devices. The system has already been programmed and configured to your desired settings, with their specific information and has been optimized.


The solution is already set up for your hosted services, saving time and IT resources.

Set Up

With a pre-configured, fully-optimized solution, potential set up time is minutes depending on the amount of equipment and scope of the solution.*

* Potential set up times are an estimate of time and are dependent on the amount of equipment, number of locations and scope of solution. Estimated time should not be treated as a literal expectation and representation of solution set up times.