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3-Year Warranty

Our 3-Year Warranty covers your entire product purchase!

What’s Covered by the Warranty?

  • DVRS: physical recorders, components, fans, and pre-installed hard drives
  • Cameras: imagers, components, built-in IR illuminators, housings, brackets and accessories
  • PTZ Cameras: imagers, components, pan/tilt motors, and housings
  • Monitors
  • All Technologies: analog, HD-TVI, and IP

While all physical parts are covered, extraordinary events are not. Unfortunately, we cannot warranty products for improper installation, misuse, physical abuse, and submersion in water, lightning strikes – or other acts of God.

What if Something Fails?

Don’t wait for weeks – or sometimes months – attempting to coordinate a return with the manufacturer.

Having trouble with your product? Call us. We provide unlimited technical support to help troubleshoot for a solution.

Need to return or exchange your product? Call us. We manage all returns and exchanges directly – minimizing unnecessary down-time.

Unlike many solution providers, we’re here for you – for the entire life of your product.

You can rest assured – you’re ALWAYS covered!

ONE Call, for ALL of Your Needs

Whether you need technical support, installation or networking assistance, or need to arrange an exchange or return, we’re just a single call away.

Our US-based security experts are here to provide friendly, knowledgeable support… anytime you need it.