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Case Studies

Dallas PD Doubles Car Theft Convictions Over Previous Year

The Dallas Police Department (DPD) has over 3,600 sworn officers who take pride in helping to make Dallas a safe place to live, work and visit. To fight the widespread problem of Burglary of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and Unauthorized Use of Vehicles (UUV), the DPD employs bait vehicles. These are undercover vehicles outfitted with covert surveillance systems to alert officers of a car theft in progress, track the vehicle, remote disable vehicle engine— and capture video evidence of criminal activity.

San Luis Obispo Tackles Vandalism with Solar-powered Surveillance Solution

San Luis Obispo (SLO) County had experienced multiple incidences of vandalism at two flood control gates located along the Arroyo Grande Creek levees in Oceano, California. Vandals placed large rocks to block the flap gates and prevent the gates from closing, broke off the lift reels, and physically forced the flap gates to open when they were designated to remain closed—resulting in a number of liability lawsuits against the county.

How Selecting a Real-Time Video Surveillance System for Schools Introduced a New Player to the Game

Alvin ISD conducted an in-depth process to identify the ideal IP security solution that would allow all schools to be managed from a central location. Other requirements included Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, featuring 1.0 megapixel or greater for interior and 2.0 megapixel or greater for exterior cameras. Like many educational projects, the Alvin ISD project was bond funded, so price was another critical factor in the decision making process.

Audubon Starr Ranch NestCam Video Aids Bird Sanctuary Conservation

As a private, non-profit organization, Starr Ranch depends on private funding. Encouraging financial support is an ongoing objective at Starr Ranch. One effective way to encourage people to conserve and support nature in general, and Starr Ranch in particular, is by engaging them virtually — with live video of wildlife living on the Sanctuary.

Custom Surveillance Tower Aids Hostage Negotiation Team

When Corporal Scott Stanton of the Greenville, NC Major Crimes Unit approached Supercircuits to design a solution for his hostage negotiation team (HNT), it was not taken lightly. The demands of a hostage negotiating team – and the equipment they use - are intense. Situations materialize quickly, and tensions are high. The team must be ready to respond to in a minute’s notice, and their gear has to be dependable and specifically designed for rapid deployment.

CSNT Improves Parking Security for 22 Lots with Video Surveillance

CSNT’s client operates 22 airport parking lots located around the country. Each lot is equipped with a video surveillance system, with cameras installed primarily in strategic traffic choke points such as exits to deter theft and capture video evidence if theft does occur. The client requires high-resolution imagery capable of capturing license plate numbers, driver features and vehicle conditions.

Goodwill Reduces Theft in Stores with IP Video Surveillance Solution

Unfortunately, as happens in many retail situations, employee theft started increasing at Goodwill Industries of Silicon Valley's (GWSV) 15 stores. In September 2010, Security Manager Nandor Fejer took the initiative to upgrade the stores’ video security system. Because of the great relationship he built and the superior customer support he received during previous projects, Nandor was confident Supercircuits would recommend the perfect solution to improve the level of security throughout their stores.

Georgia State Patrol Cars Improves Safety with 500+ In-Car Video Systems

In-car police video systems are everywhere these days, but that wasn't always the case. Mike Yearty — systems specialists for the Fayetteville, Georgia, police department — was a pioneer of in-car video systems. He's installed around 3,000 of them across the country since the late 80s. Yearty remembers the incident he thinks started the in-car video revolution.

Lincoln Tech Bridges Gap from Analog to IP with Hybrid Solution

Lincoln Technical Institute is a nationwide educational organization that trains students in several career disciplines. To ensure that electronic systems technician students acquire skills that match the marketplace, Lincoln Tech needed to expand its simulation capabilities. In order to make its first venture into the world of IP-based electronic systems, Lincoln Tech needed components that would be easy for its trainers to master quickly so that they would be able to effectively incorporate the new equipment into EST courses.

Security Solution Helps Day Care Chain Enhance Safety at 15 Locations

Certified Alarm Systems, a large security solutions integrator based in Baton Rouge, LA, employs more than 100 specialists who provide security consulting, sales, installation and management for customers in Louisiana and surrounding states. When approached with the opportunity to bid on a multi-site video security project for a Baton Rouge day care chain, they immediately proposed a turn-key solution from Supercircuits.

Dallas PD Nabs Car Thieves with Covert Vehicle Monitoring Program

The Dallas Police Department established a bait vehicle program to catch car burglars and thieves in the act. Supercircuits' surveillance equipment provided the broad range of remote and on-board capabilities that helped the DPD optimize its program.

Video Cure for Improves Bon Secours Hospital Security

Rene J. (RJ) Mosca admits that the Tri-State area — where New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania come together — is "hardly Mayberry." But neither is it a particularly crime-ridden area, Mosca says. At least on the grounds of the 125-bed Bon Secours Hospital — located in Port Jervis, New York — he intends to keep it that way.

State Agency Tackles Illegal Industrial Waste Dumping with Custom Watchbox

George Mitchell should have his own TV crime drama. He has affixed covert GPS tracking devices underneath vehicles, concealed cameras in fake trees, and led over-night stakeouts to catch thieves stealing boats. But Mitchell isn't a TV cop. He's chief of special operations at a state agency tasked with managing parks, regulating hunting and fishing, and conserving natural resources. Over the years, he has relied on many covert surveillance systems designed by Supercircuits.

School Tackles Vandalism, Improves Security with Video Surveillance

A few years ago, Collin Dimick — assistant supervisor of maintenance for an urban school district in Utah — was sandblasting expansive graffiti from the exterior of one of the district's elementary schools. The principal's name, as well as his, was part of the graffiti text.