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Video Security and Surveillance Blog


NEW AVSI-10 Interview Room System Records Full-HD Video with Synchronized Audio

The AVS-I10 1-Camera HD-TVI 1080p Full-HD Resolution Interview Room Audio/Video Surveillance System is an easy-to-use interview room solution that provides a visual record of subject interviews and police interrogations—in sharp, detailed, high-definition video.Continue reading...

See How Video Security Systems Are Catching Criminals

It’s no secret that video surveillance systems and home security systems are instrumental for securing homes and businesses, and providing detailed, court-admissible video evidence—to catch and convict criminals.

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New Alibi Stainless Steel HD-TVI Dome Camera Resists Corrosion

The Alibi brand has introduced a new stainless steel dome camera that’s designed for use in harsh environments—including marine locations subject to adverse weather conditions and salt water.

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50 Ways Your Business is Vulnerable to Theft

How safe is your business? Whether your enterprise is big or small in size, certain things can leave your company more susceptible to break-ins and theft. Do you know what to look out for? We’ve compiled the top 50 ways your business is vulnerable to theft:

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IR Cameras: Batman's Favorite Gadget of All Time

Discover why the IR camera is a favorite crime-fighting gadget for Batman, allowing him to see in total darkness.

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