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Hidden Cameras and Covert Cameras

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BEST PRICES on hidden cameras and covert cameras for home or work. Our hidden cams blend into any environment. Whether you are looking for hidden video cameras for home or a hidden surveillance camera for work, we have a covert security camera to meet your needs. Looking for a smoke detector hidden camera or a camera hidden in a clock? Our virtually undetectable hidden surveillance cameras come in a wide range of form factors. Our concealed wireless covert cameras are ideal for undercover surveillance and investigations, even in low light conditions. We also offer customized solutions, so call us to design the right hidden video camera system for covert surveillance that meets your specific requirements.

Our selection of fixed covert camera options come in a range of everyday object form factors and are ideal for hidden surveillance in the home or at the office.

Our wireless covert cameras are easy to set up and move as your hidden surveillance needs change. Select camera models work together, letting you view up to 4 cameras on one screen.


We offer spy cameras for use at home or work. Hidden in objects such as smoke detectors and alarm clock radios, they are easy to set up and are almost impossible to detect.

Monitor childcare providers and other people looking after your family with a nanny cam. When you are not there, a nanny camera is ideal for keeping watch over your children.


Cover a variety of hidden surveillance needs with a covert camera kit. Our covert camera systems are almost impossible to spot and come in complete kits for your convenience.

Designed for concealed surveillance on-the-go, our hidden wearable cameras are suitable for a range of uses, including police patrol use or as an undercover camera for private investigations.


Hidden Camera Learning Center

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Discover the best camera locations to provide hidden surveillance coverage in your home.

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Hidden cameras and the law
Get your questions answered about the use of covert surveillance cameras and the law.

Covert audio and the law
Get answers to common questions about the legality of recording covert audio along with hidden video.

Hidden Camera Buying Guides

Read this guide before you buy a hidden camera to learn how choose the right covert camera for your hidden surveillance needs.

Create a complete wireless covert system for monitoring your property. Wireless operation means no cables. Free mobile app for watching live video remotely. View up to 4 cameras at once.


Why Choose a Hidden Camera from Supercircuits?

Are you looking for an extra set of eyes? Hidden cameras — also referred to as covert cameras or spy cameras — provide an additional layer of security for protecting your home or business. Our hidden cameras match a range of common objects that you would find in a home or office, including a thermostat, smoke detector, AC adapter, clock or picture frame. This makes them almost undetectable to the human eye.

Place covert security cameras throughout your property to keep an eye on delivery personnel, service providers, or caregivers. Hidden cameras are ideal for monitoring the behavior of employees — if someone doesn’t know they are being watched, they are less likely to change their behavior.

Our indoor, outdoor, wired and wireless spy cameras are easy to install and use, and come with the latest features. Some models record video on to a built-in DVR for a complete surveillance solution.