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Looking for a quick-deployable complete solution for emergency situations? AgileMesh™ provides portable, on-scene, live-streaming, wireless video surveillance solutions for use by law enforcement, fire-EMS, homeland security and loss prevention. They are powered by CommandMesh™ — an on-scene, incident area wireless network which interfaces seamlessly with any non-AgileMesh intelligence assets for a 360° view of the scene.

Sentinel x2

Sentinel x2

Tripod-mounted, invertible IR PTZ camera unit

Sentinel x2
Sentinel x2

Scout x2

Small, very portable IR PTZ camera unit

Sentinel x2
Sentinel x2

Mobile Receiver Kit

For integration in the mobile command center

Sentinel x2
Sentinel x2

Field Kit

Includes extra antennas, adaptors, cables, and mounts

Sentinel x2

Tactical Benefits
of Agile Mesh

Overcomes ObstaclesOvercomes
Creates a Self-Healing NetworkCreates a Self-Healing
Engineered for Simplistic OperationEngineered for
Simplistic Operation
Digitally Encrypted TransmissionsDigitally Encrypted
Transmits Audio, Video, Ethernet, PTZ controlsTransmits Audio, Video,
Ethernet, PTZ controls

Complete Tactical
Command System

Reduce the unknown

Law Enforcement 90 Day Guarantee

This rapidly deployable and intuitive system is designed to provide your tactical team with near-instant perimeter security and empower commanders with live information. Each included camera unit is self-contained with SLA battery power, infrared lighting and rugged, weatherproof construction.

The system includes:

2 Scout IR PTZ camera units
2 Sentinel IR PTZ camera units
Mobile receiver kit (for integration in mobile command center)
Field accessory kit (extra antennas, adaptors, cables, and mounts)
Agency-level software license
Tactical training and extended warranties available

Comes with a 1 year warranty and 90 day law enforcement money-back guarantee.
Complete Tactical Command System TACSYS4

Wireless Ethernet Mesh Node

Build your own wireless mesh system

Ideal for use with CityWide systems, covert pole cameras, custom tactical systems and even point-topoint applications where the utmost of performance and security is required. This mesh node is engineered for simple operation, removing any need for complicated menu configuration and is compatible with any Ethernet device such as IP cameras, encoders, DVRs, computers, IP PTZs, etc.

The system includes:Command Mesh

Tri-band operation: 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz
Up to 1 watt EIRP RF output power
SMA external antenna
802.11s, ARS-SIV encryption
12 vDC operation

Comes with a 1 year warranty and 90 day law enforcement money-back guarantee.
Wireless Ethernet Mesh Node AV2000G2

Case StudyCase StudyCase Study

AgileMesh Provides Portable 360° Video of Barricaded Suspects

Armed carjacking suspects flee to a three storey apartment complex, breaking into and barricading themselves in a second floor apartment in a building deep inside the complex.

SWAT is called in and rapidly sets up a CommandMesh™ Incident Area Network™ using AgileMesh GroundView Series™ SENTINEL tripod mounted camera nodes.

This provides the SWAT commander with 360° live video surveillance of the building and apartment where the suspects are barricaded.

The SWAT commander redeploys patrol officers to safer locations and also creates a "force-multiplier" by leveraging patrol officers for other important on-scene tactical operations.

The SWAT entry team has a helmet mounted camera and an AgileMesh BodyView™ WEARABLE node on the lead officer. A Throw-Phone, with a camera connected to the CommandMesh network, is inserted into the barricaded apartment.

The SWAT commander now has a single screen where all perimeter views, the mobile view from the entry team, and views from the hidden Throw-Phone camera are converged to provide real-time intelligence.

This allows SWAT to rapidly take the suspects into custody with minimal violence.